What is home automation?

Generally home automation refers to the technology integrated into a home which makes living in your home more convenient, more efficient and enhances your lifestyle.

The options are virtually unlimited. Below are some examples of the main systems you may wish to control:

  • Lighting – set the mood with contemporary lighting design
  • Multi room audio and video distribution - enjoy sound and vision throughout the home
  • CCTV - feel secure in your home, and monitor it remotely when you are abroad
  • Climate control – keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Central archive storage of CD’s, DVD’s, pictures and games – all your media at your finger tips
  • Computer networks - share files and printers and access the internet in every room
  • Blinds and curtains - enjoy natural light from sunrise, and peace of mind at sunset
  • Touch screen controls - total home control at your finger tips
How can Smart Homes integrate this into my home?

Any or all of the features above can be installed in your home and integrated so that you have a single easy to use touch screen panel in each room. This allows you to alter any aspect of the environment and entertainment throughout your entire home.

Will it help me increase my security quotient?
  • Home automation picks up where traditional alarm systems leave off. Remember, traditional alarm systems trigger only after someone has broken into your home.
  • Home automation picks up from where the security of traditional alarms by adding another layer of protection that will illuminate the prowler, let you know that he is there, and make him think that you are there, even if you´re not at home.
  • If you're at home what do you do when the alarm sounds in the middle of the night? Stumble half naked through a dark house looking for the burglar? Home automation allows you to press a bedside button to turn on the lights or the alarm can flash the lights. The best thing would be to make your alarm system the last line of defense, not the first and only.
  • Home automation is also about the peace of mind you have knowing that you can look in on your home remotely from anywhere in the world, or that your home will phone you if anything is a miss.
I don´t have any cables installed can I still have Automation Installed?

Yes you can. Smart Homes can install a retrofit Automation system into your house using existing cabling. This is not a wireless solution but utilises the cables from your conventional lighting system.

Will it damage the existing wires or switches?

None of the existing structure will be disturbed. Wiring, switches will not be changed or removed. We use the existing structure to automate the home.

Will I be able to upgrade my Automation in the future?

Yes. All our Automation systems have the capability to upgrade to the latest equipment and features no matter how long you own your home.

At what stage of construction should we start home automation planning?
  • Ideally before the electrical work is done which gives us plenty of options to work with.
  • We also have options that can work even if wiring is done.
What is Multi – Room AV Distribution?

Multi room audio & video gives you the power to hear your favourite music or watch a movie anywhere in the home while another family member listens to something else in a different room. Every room is able to select and control the multi room audio music and volume in any room just by the touch of a button. The system can be controlled from every room with the touch of a button.

Do we require a specific type of light fittings to integrate with home automation?

No, you can use any light fittings of your choice.

What do you require to give a proper quote?

Electrical layout in AutoCAD or PDF format.